About us

brisbane-qld-australiaDOTS Talent Solutions are experts in tailoring digital learning solutions by providing the tools, frameworks and consulting advice for companies seeking to develop innovative strategy, maximise performance and productivity and develop sales leadership. There are few, if any organisations with our experience and track record in developing greater employee engagement and productivity with learning technology and e-learning. The DOTS Talent Solutions team includes a comprehensive range of expertise that includes:

  • Digital learning and collaboration solutions
  • Workforce performance, productivity and engagement
  • Change strategy and management
  • LMS selection and implementation
  • Project management
  • Instructional design and content development

We have continued to expand internationally adding to our impressive team of experienced learning technology specialists and experts. Our head office is located in Brisbane, Australia. We also have offices in Melbourne and Lund, Sweden.

Our highly experienced leadership team has a rich background in international corporate positions and start-ups. We understand that sustainable growth in any organisation depends upon an engaged, innovative and collaborative workforce operating in a learning and development based culture.

Based on our own research and feedback from our clients, we can identify key differentiators that drive our ongoing success helping clients achieve their goals and objectives. Among these differentiators are the following:

  • Customer service response and ongoing support are consistently identified as key differentiators compared to other management consulting companies.
  • We understand how to work with complex workforces operating in technical and high risk environments.
  • We have designed solutions for extended enterprises and linked to educational marketing.
  • Over 250 LMS and digital learning implementation projects.
  •  There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our clients.
  • Our company culture is focused on innovation and we translate this to our clients to ensure they are getting the best results achievable with our learning technology, consulting and courseware.
  • We offer an extensive range online courseware options selected for quality, breadth of options and learning outcomes. We have over 350 modules designed for the 70:20:10 learning framework.

For further information about our company, consulting practices and technology, please email us at contact@dotstalent.com