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Technology continues to transform organisations and the way people work within them. The way an organisation implements and uses technology can have profound impacts on the productivity and culture of a workforce; regardless of size. In this dynamic environment, an organisation can quickly gain or lose competitive advantages based on how they train and develop their people.

We are motivated by the promise that technology offers to create and sustain workplace environments endowed with a culture of learning, collaboration, productivity and self -directed development. Our experience continues to prove that organisations can achieve these aims with intelligently designed technology and expertise in change and performance management.

This is what we are all about. Our team approaches each client individually. Through all our years of experience we have never relied upon a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our consulting and technology projects. We are highly specialised and highly personalised.

Our Story

Our company began in 1995 as Web Raven Pty Ltd; a website and e-commerce software development company. The small team had a big vision and by 1999 the company had developed a content management system that included collaboration and communication features in the internet based platform.

The following year we released our first commercial version of the DOTS Learning Management System and began our journey as a major player in learning technology.

We changed our company name in 2008 to reflect our expansion beyond learning technology into performance consulting.

Our growth is driven by our commitment to helping organisations of all types succeed by focusing on people.