Cloud Learning Management System

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The modern workforce is  learning all the time. Everyday, your people are searching for and consuming information and content both for work and personal interest. If you have an LMS, your people are engaging in learning far more frequently outside your LMS. We will show you how to create a learning environment that delivers the information your people want and need to meet their day to day work needs and help them build their careers.

With our experience in over 250 LMS and digital learning implementation projects, we have helped organisations identify requirements, design a solution architecture  and select a solution best suited to requirements and budget. We have worked with a wide range of digital learning solutions from complex learning management systems to simple portals.

For organisations requiring a comprehensive, feature rich Learning Management System (LMS), we offer an enterprise CLOUD based learning management system (LMS). DOTS Percepium includes apps for Learning, Competency Management,  Performance Management, Development Plans, Collaboration and Analytics.

It is designed to attract your people to engage with the LMS to learn, collaborate and publish using their computers and mobile devices, (iOS, Android).

Our clients use communities of practice, and ‘expert areas’ to encourage thought leaders to publish content and collaborate across the workforce. Knowledge management and sharing is supported with catalogues that are easily searched for fast access to videos, audio and other standard and media file types.

The LMS is designed for enterprise scalability, adaptability, security and robustness. It includes business process automation and personalized user experiences. You can create unique user interfaces using ‘hubs’ to deliver needed learning and collaborative features to any page a learner is viewing.

Your LMS administrators will appreciate the simplified navigation and access to data that lowers the time and resources needed to manage large user populations. Using a domain based structure, you can brand each learning environment as well as support multiple languages in the one LMS installation. There is no limit to the number of courses you can host in the LMS.

Our cloud LMS will take you beyond the traditional Learning Management System. The LMS adapts to support your learning and development strategy with configurable workflows for every learning audience both within your organisation and across the extended enterprise. Your LMS will be hosted on state of the art Cloud technology using Microsoft Azure.

All learning scenarios are supported including instructor-led, online, peer to peer sharing, communities of practice and social collaboration.

  • Your people will enjoy the intuitive interface with simple navigation and extensive search functions.
  • Your company will have its own unique instance of the Learning Management System hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • The LMS supports as many domains as you need to create unique learning environments with branding and workflows; perfect for the extended enterprise.
  • Learners are able to customise their interface.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and xAPI.
  • The LMS has over 40 different ‘hubs’ that can be included in the user interface to add needed functionality without complicating navigation.
  • Designed to integrate with other information systems with an open API.
  • Attractive mobile learning portal accessible on any device.
  • Designed to support the administration of large user populations.

Strategy – Design – Implementation

Our company partners with you to ensure a successful, low risk implementation of the Percepium LMS. We have many years of experience working with very diverse organisations. Our documented project methodology ensures strict quality control and alignment with your business requirements.

Organisational learning is constantly adapting to changes in the technology and the expectations of people in the workforce. Our team will be your trusted partner to help you proactively meet these changes and leverage learning to attract, develop and retain the best talent for your organisation.

  • Ongoing assessment to ensure your LMS is configured the way you need.
  • Ad-hoc training delivered on request.
  • Our consulting practice supports you to develop systems and processes in performance management, change management, strategy and competency framework development.

Contact us by phone or email to set up a trial of DOTS Percepium LMS.