WorkPlan Learning Portal

The Simple, Smart Collaborative Learning Portal

Engage your people to create, collaborate and innnovate

The WorkPlan Learning Portal gives every person in your organisation the opportunity to create and share ideas, skills and knowledge for the benefit of all.

Whether you have an existing LMS or not, the WorkPlan Learning Portal is an essential tool to keep your team engaged, learning and productive.

Everyone in your business on the same page


    Foster real engagement and collaboration with everyone

    Promote teamwork where everyone can create and share portfolios of learning content with videos, quizzes, forums and events.


    Focus and align your team with targeted development

    Learning has real meaning when it is created by employees to target common business objectives, aligned to your strategy.


    Gain real time visibility of engagement and development

    View progress and results of individual or group engagement and development against business goals and objectives.

Modern, flexible and easy to use

Developed by a team that includes experts in learning, software design, strategic planning, engagement and productivity, our WorkPlan Learning Portal delivers a wide range of capabilities that directly improve your business performance.

  • Everyone in your organisation creating, engaging and collaborating
  • Track strategy and people engagement
  • Connect forums with messaging
  • Collaborative portfolios with videos, assessments and checklists
  • Interactive advanced visual analytics
  • Create events and manage registrations

How will your business be transformed by WorkPlan?

  • Collaboration made easy

    Everyone can create and share portfolios of learning content with videos, quizzes, forums and events.

  • Align your people to your strategy

    Link learning content to your strategic goals. Your people will stop searching for information and be more productive.

  • Your people will be engaged

    WorkPlan is the go-to platform for information and learning that your people need to get results. People will share skills, ideas, innovation best practices.

  • Onboarding

    Streamline and simplify your onboarding with online access to media and content to support their transition to your processes and culture.

  • Support clients and customers

    Use WorkPlan to deliver learning to your clients and customers. Track the level of engagement with your content.

Get started in a day, not months.  Do it yourself or choose to work with a member of our team.  Users can access on any device, in any location and at any time.

Try it out! We are happy to take you for a quick tour and set up your own space.