Feature packed for small and medium organisations


All in one learning solution

The DOTS LMS is a feature packed, easy to use, all in one learning and compliance solution. With the DOTS LMS, small and medium businesses have all the features available in enterprise LMSs without the cost and complexity. We provide hassle free hosting, full support and step-by-step instructions in our online help area. DOTS is fully designed, developed and supported in Australia.

DOTS LMS provides a central point for managing, tracking and reporting on all training and development activity. It manages online, instructor-led, blended and on-the-job assessments and learning. Users only require a web-browser to access the DOTS Application.

DOTS automates all key processes and all functionality is geared to provide flexibility and to minimise administrative duties. You will have full control of the DOTS LMS with extensive administrative configuration capability including the ability to customise the graphic interface to match your existing systems on an organizational level.

DOTS LMS offers learning and development to your people, anytime and anywhere. DOTS’s ability to map job positions and competencies, provides a way to ensure compliance requirements are met and mitigates all types of risk, including health, safety and environment on projects. One of the key strengths of the DOTS LMS is the extensive reporting and audit capabilities.

Easy Content delivery

DOTS has an inbuilt content development tool including an assessment and quiz builder, that enables non-technical persons to create and deploy content quickly. You can also use content available off the shelf from numerous providers.

DOTS LMS easily imports SCORM courseware and automatically creates the course for enrolments, assigns the trainer and places the course in the assigned course catalogue.

Manage job titles, positions and performance reviews

DOTS LMS includes a Performance Management module that provides a flexible process- based system to create and deliver performance management capabilities to any business. The DOTS Performance Review module is fully automated and secure. As an online system, DOTS permits the conduct of the review process to proceed despite the physical location of the persons undertaking the review.

The module is integrated with other key elements within the DOTS system. These modules combine to deliver an online single source of interactive engagement with employees based on business structure, job titles and position management. You also have the option of using competencies, learning paths, development plans and 360 profiling.

Complete competency management features

The DOTS LMS uses competencies as the core element of linking users and other functionality to increase business productivity. DOTS assists management by ensuring that each person engaged by your organisation (whether an employee or contractor) has the right skills to undertake the activities assigned to them, as well as making sure those persons have undertaken any procedural training such as induction training or work place and safety training. The competency system includes time limited competencies with automated alerts and reminders.

Strategy – Design – Implementation – Go-Live

Our company partners with you to ensure a successful implementation of the DOTS LMS. Our team has been implementing LMS and change programs for over 20 years, in 500+ organisations, across many diverse client communities.

We have a full suite of documentation that ensures strict quality control and alignment with your business requirements, to support any type of implementation of the DOTS LMS.

Our experience has proven that organisations have unique needs that must be well understood as part of the implementation process and for this reason we assign a dedicated member of our team to you for your implementation.

Contact us by phone on 1300 726 708 or email to request a demo of the DOTS LMS