Would you climb a mountain without a guide?

Whether you are an individual or an organisation the OPERA Coaching model will eliminate any barriers to achieving your goals and objectives now and in the future.  Our coaching model works as a process to ensure your success.

Our coaches are easily accessible throughout the coaching program. Your coach will help you identify, prioritise and document each objective with you.  The coaching process is mapped out with objectives and timelines in a shared online platform.  Our highly adaptive OPERA coaching model is also used by our clients for specific sales and business development objectives; particularly large enterprise level sales.

The OPERA Coaching Process

Our coaching model OPERA is both a process and a framework. This framework is applied to every type of coaching engagement to ensure maximum ROI from the coaching process.


  • The Objective phase involves the Client and coach working together to build the steps to achieve the outcomes the Client is wishing to achieve.
  • A discovery workshop will focus on identifying and prioritising goals and objectives for the coaching program. This workshop will be conducted for as long as required.
  • The coach and client will document the objectives and goals with clear measures of attainment.


  • The coaching plan is created with objectives, goals, activities and timelines. This plan is shared on an online platform providing you total transparency of the program status.
  • Contingencies are discussed and considered. These may include barriers, resource requirements, risks and other such factors.
  • The plan may be presented to other stakeholders such as managers, mentors etc.


  • The Execute phase will include coaching sessions, experiential learning and ‘on the job’ application of tools, ideas and new processes.
  • As we execute the plan, you will be given feedback as well as having direct access to your coach for ideas, brainstorming, motivation and other needs as they arise.
  • During the Execute phase, you and your coach may meet with other stakeholders in your organisation to provide updates and discuss the results achieved generally.


  • The respond phase addresses any issues with performance or other barriers impacting the success of the coaching program.
  • The Respond phase will address any organisational or managerial issues that may be impacting your successful outcomes in the coaching program. Your coach will address these directly or will do so collaboratively with you and the appropriate persons in the organisation.
  • Any changes to the objectives and priorities will be addressed in the Respond phase and the coaching plan will be amended as needed.


  • The Adapt phase includes a review and any document revisions.
  • You and your coach will assess any potential modifications required to fully complete the objectives successfully.
  • As a result of the coaching programs, some systems and processes may be adapted to meet the outcomes specified in the coaching program. This innovation may apply at the individual, team or higher levels of the organisation and may require approval.
  • The coaching program is converted to an ongoing personal development roadmap that you will use to sustain and expand the outcomes achieved in the coaching program.
  • You may choose to have regular short ‘coaching huddles’ to help you stay on track.

We offer potential clients an introductory 60-minute discovery session as included in the Objectives phase of our coaching programs. We offer this to ensure there is a good fit between you and the coach as well as making sure we can meet your requirements accurately and within a desired timeframe.