Knowledge Support

Solves your user support, education and process understanding requirements

InfoCaption is a complete online knowledge support system that includes production, distribution and collaboration features for any organisation. With the help of InfoCaption, those who work with documentation, education, marketing or support can easily produce different types of guides where the users receive step-by-step instructions that show exactly how to solve problems or how a task in a system is performed.

InfoCaption improves the productivity of your support teams, and creates new possibilities for market communication and education as well as streamlining of internal routines. The idea is to have one central source of information that can be used by all areas of the business.


InfoCaption consists of a variety of components that allow you to create different types of knowledge support wizards. The process becomes simple with the help of film, images and text explaining the systems. Guides can be displayed on a search page, a portal, or integrated on your own intranet. Regardless of how they are made available, they have one thing in common – they are living documents that can be easily updated to remain current.

InfoCaption guides help those who want to share their knowledge to do so, and those who look for information to find it.  Persons possessing know-how describe their own work processes. The guides can include text and images, recorded screen sessions or videos. They can be designed as tests or manuals, depending on what you want to convey.  The guides can be used to inform new users on how you use a new system or as support for more experienced users who need help with specific parts of their work.
With InfoCaption you do not only create the guides – the system also makes the produced material accessible and put to use. All the guides are stored in a server connected to a search page so the users easily will be able find the support they need, all in one place.
Each produced guide gets a unique ID, so when the guide needs to be updated, for example when a new version of a system is released, you do not have to give the users any new material – the link to a guide always stays the same!
InfoCaption improves the everyday activities of your staff by letting those who know, share with those who need to know.