Ignite performance with technology

Are you looking for an enterprise best in class LMS  supported by experts that work the way you do?

Personalised, Adaptive and Smart

You will discover a better way to manage  learning and development and drive performance across your organisation.

We help organisations of all types to effectively engage with diverse workforces and manage complex compliance requirements. You will have the tools to increase productivity and learning in your organisation and across the extended enterprise. Your people will enjoy using DOTS Percepium and the many options for self directed, informal and collaborative learning and development.

The DOTS Percepium LMS is a third generation LMS designed and developed from the ‘ground up.’ DOTS Percepium is the culmination of over 20 years of LMS development experience and working with diverse clients from around the globe. Our LMS delivers best class  features, interface design and performance.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, DOTS Talent Solutions has a LMS solution to deliver results now and into the future.

Do you want effective tools to:

  • Deliver learning and social collaboration across your extended enterprise
  • Use advanced reporting to support tactical and strategic planning
  • Develop and sustain an engaged high performance culture
  • Manage all online, blended and instructor led training with automated workflows
  • Proactively manage your compliance requirements so that present and future risks are identified and addressed
  • Develop and maintain competency frameworks linked to job roles
  • Provide self -managed learning to your people 24/7
  • On-board all new staff regardless of location

DOTS Percepium LMS

As global leaders in LMS, e-learning and performance technology, we have a team of professionals that are unmatched in ensuring we deliver a stable, robust learning and performance system to our clients.

DOTS Percepium is a fully integrated web based learning and talent management solution. DOTS will give you the tools to plan, assess, deliver and measure learning and performance both within and across your extended enterprise. You will be able to support as many separate learning environments as you require. You will have instant access to real time compliance status reports and have the tools to take immediate action to address your compliance issues.

There is plenty that distinguishes the DOTS Percepium LMS from other systems. Our LMS is easy to use and has among the most extensive feature sets of any LMS.