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Our Business Advisory Mission:  We deliver measurable and sustainable improvements to individual and enterprise performance that enable our clients to realise competitive advantages.

  • Where is your organisation going?
  • Is your strategy delivering the results you planned for your business?
  • Are your people and teams performing at their peak?
  • Are you generating enough high value sales opportunities?


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The DOTS Talent Solutions Advisory Practice  works with organisations eager to ignite and sustain enterprise and individual performance. As a trusted partner we give you a relationship that includes experienced consultants, innovative methodologies and scalable tools to sustain your performance enhancement and change initiatives.  We are clearly differentiated by our commitment to the execution (tactical) phase of change strategies.

Our business advisory practice combines human capital and technology based toolsets that are critical in delivering competitive advantage to organisations of any size.

As a client you are able to rely upon one partner to provide expert advice and implementation. DOTS Talent Solutions strategic business advisory delivers rapid measurable return on investment, [ROI].

team work and collaboration

Creating lasting change with an effective team focused on results.

Our Approach

What are your critical strategic objectives?  Do you have the people and teams to execute your strategies?

We design and develop every consulting project using a range of professional tools and services based on our extensive experience across a diverse and growing range of clients.domain  Our consulting practice areas include:

  • Growth strategy execution
  • Sales performance enhancement
  • Employee engagement
  • Innovation culture

Our consulting team combines years of  commercial experience as professional and senior executives within a range of industry and government sectors. The team is laser focused on delivering improved performance and competitive advantage to our clients operating in an increasingly competitive global market. The results we deliver span from top-line growth to bottom line profitability.


Our engaging programs are flexible and can be delivered over timeframes suitable for your people. The programs are fully supported with access to our business advisors as well as tools to support the processes that your people will use to create transformational change in your organisation.

Strategy Execution

  • Half-day senior leadership growth strategy development program.
  • One- on- one and team behavioural assessment and modelling program.
  • Full day strategic execution implementation program.

People Engagement and Sales Performance 

  • 2 day organisational effectiveness program.
  • 12 week sales engagement and workflow program for individuals and teams.

Innovation for Growth Program

  • One day business model design program.


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