What is the most common issue with LMS implementations?  I can only speak for my experience of over 90 client LMS installations.  Every software implementation has its share of issues, it is par for the course.  However there are a few key issues that tend to compromise a smooth implementation project and contribute to project creep and delayed project milestones.

The first is a lack of clear business requirements.  I prefer the business requirements to be written as outcomes as opposed to a wish list of  system functionality.  The business requirements need to be aligned with the organisation’s strategy and cascaded down to the end user.  This takes many different forms but the best results are achieved when the organisation creates the business requirements without influence or conformity to an LMS vendor’s features and functionality.

The second biggie is the a lack of adequate resource planning.  There are some clients who want to go down the LMS implementation path on their own.  That is fine until we realise that there is one ‘learning and development person’ assigned to the implementation.  I need fresh air when I hear, “oh and by the way, our implementation project manager is  new to our organisation and part of our graduate intake.”  There is a need for adequate resourcing pre-implementation, during the project and of course during the life-cycle of the system.

The third danger is when two forces collide.  The learning and development or human resources team collide with the information technology team.  This is a good question, “did you guys cross check with IT about hosing the LMS internally or externally?”  In some projects I have worked on, the L & D team have opted for a fully hosted LMS option to keep the IT team out of the decision process.  In some cases the LMS has been installed on external servers and ready for roll-out before the IT is aware of anything.  Not a good plan.  I encourage my clients to include the IT team in the whole process.  They are the best advocates when it comes time for the LMS roll-out.

Well those are the current top three.  If you are experiencing any of these or have a premonition of any one or all situations arising in your project we are here to help.

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