The new range of learning modules we have released are getting a great deal of interest.  These modules are designed to deliver competencies to learners with a short video introduction, step by step implementation guides and downloadable job aids.

Research has shown that 70% of development happens on the job and these courses are designed to leverage a more natural way of personal development.  Since these content modules are short and include tools to implement the learning in the work environment they are highly suitable for blended delivery.

The Development Plan, Performance Management and Profiling modules in DOTS LMS are ideal for supporting the successful roll-out of these modules.  The key is ensuring that the learning activities are supported by coaching and collaboration either individually or in groups.

Development Plans – include these modules as part of your Development Plans and assign them or enable your people to enrol in them out of interest or need.  Your managers will be able to track progress and meet to discuss outcomes and the application of the learning.

Performance Appraisals can be used to ensure that one-to-one meetings occur in conjunction with the enrolments in these modules.  You can include the competencies delivered by these modules in the Performance Appraisal module.  Both the employee and the manager will be able to comment on experience and observation.  This has proven a highly effective way to embed these competency based learning modules in an organisation and improve engagement with managers and employees focusing on ‘positives’ [learning & development] in a regular appraisal cycle.

The Profiling Tool in DOTS LMS helps you create as many profile as you need.  In one case we developed a 360 Profile that included feedback on a large number of competencies included in the Project Management course catalog.  We created both self-assessments and 360 profiles mapped to these competencies to provide some peer review.

If you would like to have a look at these learning content modules please get in touch and we can organise a pilot for you.  If you decide to use these modules in your organisation we can help you implement their roll-out using one or all of the DOTS LMS modules mentioned in this blog.

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