There is always risk with the implementation of an enterprise learning management system.  The risk starts early in the planning process with such factors as:

  • lack of or inaccurate resource planning
  • failure to engage key stakeholders, influencers and decision makers
  • business requirements are not specified, incomplete and/or inaccurate

There are two primary facets to an LMS implementation project;  technology implementation project plan and the change strategy/management plan.  If either or both are deficient in any way the risk of an unsuccessful LMS implementation increases dramatically.  It has been my experience that it is more common that organisations fail to plan and execute an effective change strategy than it is to fail in a software implementation, although both are common.  In the past month our company has been approached by two companies seeking assistance wtih implementing other vendors’  learning management systems.  In one case the vendor has attempted an LMS implementation project with a lack of expertise ‘on the ground’ in Australia.  This implementation was attempted from an overseas office with a prescriptive generic project plan that did not address the client’s business requirements.  In the second example the vendor completed the implementation and failed to assist in the change strategy implementation.  The client team was poorly trained and the user experience suffered horribly.  In this case it is going to be an uphill battle to win back the hearts and minds of the end users as well as senior stakeholders.

Learning management systems have evolved to have an enormous breadth of capabilities.  Not all clients need all these capabilities but every organisation has unique business requirements, cultures, and operating environments.  As a key enterprise software solution it is vitally important that both the vendor and the client are realistic in their implementation project planning to meet clear business requirements.  Without this commitment the client is under enormous risk of a failed implementatiion.  If you would like further informatoin about learning management system implementation strategy, project planning and business analysis, please send us an email or use the form on this website.

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