The flexibility of DOTS makes it easy to manage your coaching and mentoring activities.  There are a few ways to do this and I will go through some of the elements you can use to support coaching and mentoring programs.  You can then explore these and see if they suit your requirements.  If you would like to have an online session to explore these with a consultant then fire an email to use at

The first tool we recommend using in preparation for a coaching program is eDisc.  eDisc is a sophisticated online behavioural assessment tool that takes only minutes to complete and produces an extensive in-depth report.  I have found that the increase of self- understanding for both the coach and the person being coached increases the effectiveness of the coaching program.  This tool also serves as a cross check for any potential factors that will compromise the coaching and mentoring.

Inside DOTS LMS are the following tools I use in setting up coaching programs.  These include:

  • Courses and course sessions.  Courses are a flexible tool in DOTS LMS that are perfect to set up a registration and tracking system that automates these processes.  Courses also permits the assignment of a coach who can then use the trainer/coach tools to interact with others as well as capture notes and assessments relating to the coaching program.  Course sessions include the option to permit persons to add sessions themselves so this is one option that will automate tracking if you wish to use it.
  • Courses also provide a coach/mentor to create content to support their programs as well as include existing content and courseware to their programs as needed.   This content may be as simple as a PowerPoint presentation or something more sophisticated.
  • Development plans are perfect for maintaining and adding to a database of activities that may form part of the coaching program.  The development plan tools will track actions by hours and therefore provide another way to automate the tracking of hours committed in direct coaching or actions relating to it.
  • Libraries provide a knowledge repository that can be accessed by specific persons or groups of persons during a coaching program.  It may be used to supply reference material of all types.  Library access is permission based and linked to Reports so you can see who is accessing the Libraries and control access.
  • 360 Profiling is one of the tools in the DOTS LMS that is growing in popularity.  The DOTS LMS 360 permits the creation of any number of profiles question sets and the whole process is automated and secure.  This is a great before and after tool for both peer and personal feedback.
  • Competencies may be used to set up goals for the coaching program with the awarding of competencies being an outcome of a successful program.  The competency tools in DOTS LMS permit the competencies used in a coaching program to co-exist with other competencies of any types.
  • And last but not least there are Surveys.  I like to use the survey tools to enable a person to report back on how they are applying new skills, knowledge or ideas that are generated from a coaching program.  Surveys are fast to deploy and re-usable so you can standardise your coaching program measurement criteria.

There are other tools in DOTS LMS that help to support and manage coaching and mentoring programs.  One of these is the interactive Performance Appraisal tools that automate and capture performance appraisals in a secure online environment.

If you are interested in a walk-through of some or all of these tools get in touch.  We can show you some workflow processes that may help you design a solution suitable for your organisation.

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