DOTS LMS can be an integral component to the business process management for knowledge workers in your organisation.  There are many facets to knowledge work; from individuals working alone to collaborative groups of all types and sizes.  Aligned with this spectrum there is a range of complexity in knowledge work that spans routine activity to work that requires expertise and judgment.  DOTS LMS provides a number of key capabilities to support process management in knowledge work, among these are:


  • a tool to capture knowledge from thought leaders and ‘experts.’
  • encourage and support self- publishing.
  • support collaboration among learners and subject matter experts.
  • a means of training knowledge workers in transactional and/or routine work.
  • provide process based training that may include process capture and measurement.
  • identify persons for collaborative teams to develop content.
  • track and measure based on the DOTS competency toolsets.
  • map the business processes in your organisation to learning pathways and competency structures.
One key concern among clients is the ability to measure work output by knowledge workers.  We have used the Performance Appraisal and DOTS Profiling tools to address this issue to some degree.  The use of these automated, confidential systems ensures there is a regular interactive review of work quality and output.  The DOTS profiling system permits self assessment as well as peer review.
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