Do you use your LMS during the recruitment process?  Our potential candidates able to access your LMS on the web and engage in learning about your organisation or positions available in your organisation?  Once you have appointed a new candidate, do you use the LMS to begin the on-boarding process with acculturation, company information and position information?  All of these are options that will help increase your productivity and return on investment in your LMS.  If you are using DOTS you have a number of tools you can utilise to support your recruitment and on- boarding.  You can establish any number of external websites from the website module in your admin settings.  On these websites you can add access to surveys, courses, libraries or landing pages off a web marketing/recruitment campaign.  The DOTS LMS is acting to engage new candidates and ensure they are motivated and interested in your organisation when they arrive for work.  The persons accessing these web pages are completely outside your internal LMS environment.  If you would like some more information about these tools and processes please contact us.

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