In the spirit of the reflection and planning that is going on as we start 2012, I thought it a good idea to discuss some reflection and planning for those of us in the e-learning community.  Here are some questions you might ask as you plan your coming 12 months and the utilisation of learning technology to achieve your objectives.

  • Do you know the  level of utilisation of your LMS?
  • If yes, is it acceptable?  If no, do you know how to measure utilisation?
  • Have the business requirements for the LMS changed or do you expect them to this year?
  • Are the LMS administrators adequately trained to manage the LMS effectively?
  • Is your LMS aligned operationally with strategy execution in your business?
  • Is your online courseware and content delivering value to the business?
  • What are the gaps in our learning delivery and how can you address them?

Of course there are many more diagnostic questions you may ask.  These are a good start to cross check on where you are now and support some visualisation of where you wish to drive your LMS project.  It is common for LMS projects to lose a bit of momentum once they have achieved the initial business requirements that motivated the acquisition of the LMS In the first place.  To regain the momentum of your LMS project you may consider a few of these points:

  • Is there scope for more people in your organisation to access the LMS?
  • How has our business strategy/focus evolved and how can we support this with our LMS?
  • Has the LMS been refreshed in look and feel?
  • Are there LMS features or tools that are not utilised but could be?
  • Can we extend our LMS capabilities to external stakeholders?

Would you like some help undertaking an evaluation of your LMS project?  We can have an initial discussion to understand where you are now and explore some options to give you a simple clear roadmap to increase the utilisation of your LMS technology, no matter which system you are using.

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