This is a guest post from a DOTS Partner using the DOTS platform to grow their clients’ businesses.

There is so much information and buzz about social media and online marketing strategies. It is a fascinating and rapidly evolving area that is leveling the playing field or small business to compete with larger ones. Our team at Sales Ecosystem has been working with clients to create a real game changing strategy to establish leadership in their markets. The fulcrum of the strategy is learning. Yes that is right L*E*A*R*N*I*N*G. This strategy is pushing our clients to the top of the pack in thought leadership and innovation. We are have established a regime of developing interesting interactive courses using a simple production tool that works in Powerpoint. We have created a unique branded learning portal using this Australian LMS and it can be accessed 24×7 and our clients can see who visited and what courses they viewed. There are also Libraries and Discussion Groups as well. The feedback our clients have received is incredible. In one case we developed courses to teach sales skills to the reseller network of one client and this has led not only to increased sales but also higher price points. Supporting our courseware strategy is a coaching service to add the personal contact to the online portal.  We have extended our coaching ‘through’ our clients and engaged directly with their clients.  This learning alignment has been a fountain of new thinking and ideas extending in one case to a two day off-site strategy session with the executive management team of both a vendor and select resellers.  This is a low cost high impact strategy that leverages your companies intellectual property to drive sales.

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