Business Advisory

Change doesn’t have to be painful

Our Approach

Our consulting practice applies design thinking elements to develop systems and processes to lift performance for organisations senior executives, teams and individuals. We ensure you will have a solution that is effective at delivering fast and sustainable results.

We approach each engagement as a project and have developed our consulting framework; the Organisational Performance Loop to be applied to any type of consulting project.

As our client, you will be assured of achieving measurable outcomes that will transform the performance of your organisation and its people. Among the transformative outcomes we will help you achieve are the following:

  • A vision of an ideal culture with a defined pathway to achieve and sustain it.
  • Sustainable and repeatable processes to ensure the transformation lasts.
  • A more engaged workforce achieving great outcomes as individuals and teams.
  • Sales revenue that is increased, predictable and growing.
  • Client retention that ensures repeat business and higher referral rates.
  • Elimination of ineffective workflow practices that stifle high performance.
  • Higher retention of high performance people

We specialise in three main areas of performance; execution, sales performance and productivity. In many cases we are working in all three areas within one organisation.


  • Are you effectively achieving your strategic objectives in defined timeframes?
  • Are there areas of your organisation that are lagging in achieving key performance indicators or goals?
  • Is your leadership and management team clear on your strategy and focusing on the right work to achieve your strategic objectives?
  • Are you able to track the progress of your teams and individuals to avoid goals and objectives not being achieved?

Sales Performance

  • Is your sales revenue growing at a rate to meet your targets?
  • Is your client retention rate improving?
  • Are your sales to existing clients increasing?
  • Is your sales revenue predictable and are you able to track it?
  • Are you applying best practices in leveraging your CRM to attract new clients and engage deeply during the sales process?


  • Are people struggling with information overload?
  • Is too much time spent searching for information?
  • Do the productivity tools used in your organisation support your people to perform at their best or are they underutilised?
  • Would you like to see workflows and task management processes used across your organisation and more aligned with your strategy?

In each of our three primary practice areas we utilise behavioural profiling to enable us to tailor our work for maximum understanding, retention and application. There is no ‘one-size-fits all’ when it comes to improving performance. Different behavioural profiles have different learning styles and approaches to interpersonal relationships. Our consultants are skilled at engaging with each individual to help them leverage their strengths to improve their performance.