I am blown away by the paradigm shift Unfolding the Napkin has given me.  It is equivalent to the mind-blowing experience I had at University when I applied Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I wish I could remember where all those drawings that I created have gone.  Oh well- my white board is looking pretty cool now.  I bought this one first and went through it all on a trip between Brisbane and Melbourne.  Unfolding the Napkin is a course- it takes you on a ‘four day’ learning journey that really has an impact on your ability to communicate with pictures.  You must use the book as a course and do the exercises- you will see a change as you move through ways of analysing and presenting problems.  It is a great learning experience for those of us who present ideas to others as well as offering a toolset you can apply in any problem solving journey.  Highly recommended.

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