I have a client about to begin content -marketing  that expressed a sentiment that I think may be very common, “why would anybody read what I write?  I have nothing new or exciting.”  These feelings are not conducive to a good start at writing content.

I will admit that I have often had the same feelings.  There are times when I am writing a blog or article and thinking, ‘this is common sense stuff, no person will care about reading it.’  My experience  and those with whom I collaborate confirm a different scenario entirely.  There are a number of points I would like you to consider if you feel your writing and content will not be read or dismissed.

· Your ideas, observations and comments are as valid and worthy as any other persons.

· If you really look at what is included in the avalanche of online information, there is rarely anything truly new or ground breaking.

· People read online content for a number of purposes.  These may include learning, confirming, questioning, innovating, and sharing.  You do not need to write the ‘theory of everything’ to make an impact in the online world.

· Once you begin it is important to get in the ‘flow’ of content creation.  You will make an impact on others when they know you are a producer and the time spent reading your material is worthwhile for whatever purpose they are after.

· Write from personal experience and you will instantly have people interested.  There is nothing better than something written in first person to capture attention.  We are all interested in other people’s experiences as opposed to general information or theory.

· My clients are in business.  If you read business blogs can you count on more that one hand the numbers of time you read something truly new or earth shattering.  It is the same  with business books.  The ideas and information are re-purposed for the audience and you can make even the most commonly understood business ideas more interesting by telling a story.

If you are stuck and you need some help getting those fingers tapping on the keyboard, you are welcome to contact me and I can give you some ideas to help you get started.

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