We are doing some interesting work with some clients using DOTS LMS as a key plank in their social media strategies.  The DOTS LMS offers a great deal of flexibility to integrate and support social media.   There is some debate about access to social media platforms from within the LMS.  In this scenario, users may access social media sites from the user home page or in DOTS there are a few other places we can add links to social media.  For instance in the DOTS Content Creatorwe can add links within a course and this is very practical when you want to encourage sharing of the course experience and application of knowledge in the workplace.  One platform that has some interesting application in this regard isYammer.  Of course all of the more common platforms can be utilised as well including FacebookTwitterTumblrGoogle + etc.  There is a critical first step and that is determining the purpose of your social media integration and what utility this will offer both the end users and management.  I have seen some excellent examples of facilitators/trainers linking their social platform to courses in DOTS LMS.  In DOTS you can send a learner out to the internet and bring them back to the LMS when they have viewed pages specified in the course.  You can use the split screen tool in DOTS to provide instructions and/or questions/ideas you want learners to communicate on a social media platform.   There is great deal of power usingDOTS LMS for external users as well.  The DOTS website management module enables you to create external login pages, landing(squeeze pages), enrolments, surveys among others.  You can create content in DOTS and use your social media to publish the links to drive traffic.  Many of our clients do this using their blogs and you can also add access to sophisticated courseware and content via one of your social media platforms.  The options for using DOTS LMS are large and varied given the tremendous scope of social media platforms available.  If you would like to explore some of these options, pleasecontact me directly.

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