You have developed a new set of marketing and sales collateral for your sales team.  You load it into your CRM to enable the sales team to access it easily for email and face to face presentations.  You are unsure that each member of the team will know how to access and use the new collateral.  It is too risky to simply send an email to each member of the team and hope.  This new collateral is part of a new product launch and the company needs consistency to maintain and develop its brand.  What next?


In my client’s case this is what the Marketing Manager did.  Firstly, she used a screen capture tool to show visually how a sales person accesses the new collateral in the CRM.  In her case she used Camtasia and there are plenty of other tools out there including the much acclaimed Storyline.   Once she captured the navigation to the files, she demonstrated how to attach them to emails and use them for both online and face to face presentations.  Total time to create and edit the screen captures?  About 2 hours.  Next she did a voice over, it was not ‘talent quality’; it was short and to the point.  Time to do the voice overs?  About another 1.5 hours including editing.


Next step was converting the screen captures to SCORM, importing into DOTS LMS and configuring the course settings.  She made herself the trainer so she could track the learning and interact with the sales team.  She enrolled each member of the team in the course and each member of the team was alerted by email of their enrollment with a message to complete asap.  Overall we are up to about 4 hours of time spent creating and deploying the course.  This particular individual is familiar with Camtasia so she was productive from the start.


The course was effective and to the point.  It was not intended to be a showcase of e-learning content mastery or be linked to a compliance competency.  The Marketing Manager had automated what could have been a logistical headache of assembling the sales team together at the office for a presentation.  She would have had to prepare the presentation anyway so she used her time wisely creating content that can be re-used both as a refresher and for new hires as part of their induction.

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