On March 21 we are offering our clients an opportunity to meet a true innovator in the world of learning.  Cindy Pascale is the Founder and Vice President of Vado and she will be presenting on Development Best Practices.  Vado are innovators in creating developmental content that is linked to competency frameworks.

In this research rich session, participants will learn the development best practices that will lead to the maximum return on investment for the organization’s development dollar. Specific outcomes are:

1. The difference between training and development

2. What is scrap learning?

3. How do people best develop new skills and capabilities?

4. What are learners expecting in their development programs?

5. How do you make sure the development will lead to organisation success?

If you are a DOTS client, there are still a few places left.  if you are not a client but are interested in learning more about Vadoand how it can boost your organisation’s performance, you are encouraged to contact us.  We can show you how we help our clients build more effective organisations.

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