The recent announcement by the Australian Government to assist employers to link with skilled workers in the United States is designed to help fill critical skills shortages in certain segments of the Australian economy.   Licensed workers in the United States will be able to be granted immediate provisional licenses when they arrive in Australia.  Members of the DOTS LMS client community are key players in the industries that are targeted to benefit from this scheme.  The DOTS LMS can be utilised to help support this process for our client organisations in some very key ways.  Firstly, it would be advantageous to engage with these workers prior to their arrival in Australia.  This engagement could take the form of delivering company information and cultural insight to those planning to migrate.  Companies may also choose to deliver some online induction modules as well as deliver some preference surveys and self assessments.  All of these tools will help the person migrate assimilate more easily and engage more closely with the employer.

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