This is a guest post by Cindy Pascale, Director of Vado Inc.  Vado is a partner with DOTS Talent Solutions to bring the innovative Vado course modules to Australia.

Besides a beautiful city in Italy, what is Vado, and why would anyone give an e-learning courseware company such a name?

Vado means “go” in Latin, however, it has a deeper meaning for Vado’s other co-founder, Kim Egan, and me. You see, we set out to create learning content to solve the biggest issues impacting all training and development initiatives. Whether it’s e-learning courseware, instructor-led workshops, or something in between, we wanted to solve the question everyone is asking. That is, how do you get a learner to apply what they learned on the job?

Most learning and development professionals will agree with the following statements:

  • Employees and leaders want to grow, develop, and improve on the job performance.
  • The goal of training and development activities is to improve employee on the job performance, and as a result organizational performance.
  • Performance can only improve if learners apply learning content on the job.

Unfortunately, if your employees and leaders are motivated to develop and improve their performance, and if the only way they can do this is to apply what they learned on the job, then why don’t they? We think it comes down to the design of the training.

Unfortunately, it seems most learning content is not designed to help the learner apply what is learned. Instead, learners are given a quiz at the end of an e-learning course, or they are asked to write an “Action Plan” outlining what they plan to doafter a workshop. Sounds good in theory, and yet none of these methods really help the learner apply the new skill on the job.

The good news is that Vado’s unique course design helps learners “go” and apply learning on the job to develop a desired skill. With a step by step, detailed process or exercise, the learner builds his or her capabilities by doing and performing at work, where real development happens—it’s Action Defined.

With this in mind, we encourage you to ask your learning content provider how they help your learners apply their learning content on the job. It’s a question all training and development professionals should be asking.

If you would like to experience the Vado modules please get in touch with us at DOTS Talent Solutions and we will send you a full catalogue and enroll you in a Vado module in DOTS LMS.

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