DOTS Talent Solutions has added an extraordinary new toolkit of modules to our existing library of over 200+ business titles.  Our new toolkit consists of 20 modules designed to help new leaders and managers succeed in positions of authority. Our new range of modules is based on the best-selling book From Bud to Boss:  Secrets to a Successful Transition to Remarkable Leadership.  This is the latest book by Kevin Eikenberry.

The 20 modules in our toolkit covers topics such as:

  • Making the transition from peer to leader
  • Communication
  • Coaching employees
  • Managing change
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Commitment to goals and success

Not only is this toolkit essential for emerging new leaders and managers, it is also a useful refresher course for those already in positions of authority.  According to Kevin Eikenberry, 40% of new managers fail within 18 months of their promotion.  This is often due to not receiving training in how to work effectively with people, managing workloads, mediating conflict, managing projects and much more.  Often new managers are required to take on a roll of authority over people who were previously peers.

Every module in the ‘Bud to Boss’ toolkit includes:

  • A short video
  • Complete instructions on applying the learning ‘on the job’
  • A ‘job aid’ to help keep you on track

If you are a new or emerging manager this toolkit may be the difference between struggling with a new role of authority or building a foundation for a successful career.  If you are responsible for learning and development, succession planning, or a manager wishing to promote talent, our new toolkit will help you avoid the culture killing experience of a failed new manager.  Get in touch with us and we can learn more about what you need and assist with a demo of our new toolkit.

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