—-Our scheduled webinar has been fully booked.  We will schedule another to ensure you do not miss out.  Please contact our office asap to express your interest.  +61 7 3220 2229 or 1300 726 708

We are focused on helping you get the most out of the DOTS LMS.  We know how hard it is to juggle the demands of your position as well as knowing all the features and tools in DOTS LMS. This webinar focuses on how to create great e-learning content that engages your target audience.

Let’s explore the components of great design for e-Learning to ensure that your organisation’s capability development needs are met, that your employees enjoy the learning experience and that the journey results in improved performance.

Think of good e-Learning as a finely tuned sports car.

  • How do you choose your model?
  • How can you give your employees a ride to remember?
  • How can you add turbo boosters for extra performance?
  • How can you ensure they will arrive at the right destination?

Presenting this special webinar will be Richard Stubley, Founder and Director of OpenLearn Pty Ltd.   OpenLearn is a multi-award winning content development company based in Sydney with a reputation for innovation and quality.  OpenLearn has worked with leading organisations of all types to deliver results with eLearning.

Kathleen Bosworth of DOTS Talent Solutions will be hosting this session.

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