Organizations spend enormous amounts of time and resources to hire a new employee.  According to Bersin by Deliotte, 22% of new hires quit their jobs in the first 45 days of employment. Their research goes on to say a poor on-boarding process is the reason for new hires quit this quickly.  The report suggests that top notch organizations focus on “enculturation and socialisation” in their on-boarding process.

DOTS Talent Solutions has the course modules to help your organization drive new hire enculturation, socialization and engagement.

Our Vado On-boarding course bundle contains 18 manager courses called Onboarding New Employees and 7 courses called Starting a New Job. Combined, these course bundles are designed to on-board, socialize and build the relationshipbetween the new hire, manager and team.  Your organisation will achieve measurable  benefit from the On-boarding courses with increased new hire engagement, shorter time to contribution and increased new hire retention.

The On-boarding course bundle covers these topic areas:

  1. Aligning Goals and Expectations
  2. Developing Skills and Capabilities
  3. Building a Network
  4. Getting to Know Others
  5. Understanding the Role
  6. Getting Feedback

If you are interested in learning more, check this out.  Do you want to ‘test drive’ some Vado modules?  Click here and we will send you a login.

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